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Are you searching for a web design company?


If you require the help of an experienced creative team of designers in the GTA, our Mississauga-based website design company is available to assist you. We can handle any number of tasks including website design with mobile compatibility, creating complex content management systems, providing you with branding services, Internet marketing solutions and more. We are pleased to proudly serve Mississauga and the GTA as well as offer our services on a global scale through the use of Internet workspaces and online collaboration. Here are some of the various services that our creative team can offer for your business.

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Website Design and Development Services


Our expert web design team in Mississauga utilizes state of the art technology available (software and hardware) in today's market. We consistently develop new and innovative web products that can showcase brands and ideas. With our website design and development services you can receive a website that's built with performance in mind and with the ideals of your brand displayed readily across a comprehensive, well formatted web design.

  • We optimize all of our products and designs
  • We offer you a dedicated team of experts that has worked with in multiple business industries
  • We provide website design solutions that can work for a variety of clients and technological skill levels
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Developing E-commerce Systems


If you want to take your business online and offer the chance for customers to purchase goods directly from your website, we can create a system to handle payment processing over the Internet. We can develop e-commerce solutions so that you can convert some of the visitors to your website into steady customers. Our e-commerce solutions from our Mississauga web design company will ensure that your business is available to a worldwide marketplace.

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Content Management Systems


We can develop high-quality content management systems that will make it easier for you to update your content and stay ahead of your competition. Managing and updating your website doesn't need to be a struggle and with the help of our expertise in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more, we can develop and explain a content management system that you can use to keep your customers updated and to easily make changes to your webpage regardless of your skill level.

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Mobile Development and Optimization


Mobile optimization for your website can ensure that users on any device can access your content and see all of the web elements on your page. We can create designs which are scalable to any device or any browser meaning that you can appeal to customers accessing your content from a smart phone or tablet device while they are on the go. Without this optimization it can be very difficult to remain competitive as more and more web users are turning to mobile devices and tablets to access the web today.

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Our Development Process


Our website design company in Mississauga has a very specific process for developing any of the projects that we work on. Here are some of our main concerns and focuses as a team.

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Digital Audit of Your Existing Website

If you have an existing site we can perform a digital audit and report the necessary changes or improvements, if any, that you could make. We take into account some of the great aspects of your website when building your next web project. By utilizing our tracking software and by having our team pick apart some of the code that makes up your website we can work to create a more optimized product for your next launch that will increase conversion rates, visitors and engagement.

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Analysis of Business Conversion Rates

When you are running an online business it's very important that you are getting the right conversion rates. Our team can also look into some of your sales numbers so that we can help to understand how your website works to funnel in new clients and to create sales opportunities. We can then help you to build a website that encourages future growth and boosting sales numbers.

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User Experience

Creating quality experiences for your users is very important. Our Mississauga website design company can ensure that your website is easy to use and that navigation is simplified.

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Digital Strategy Planning

During this stage we will work with you to provide mockups and graphics so that we can perfect your design and give you a product that you are proud to call your own.

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Coding Process

During this stage our Mississauga website design team will utilize modern front end coding of the highest standards to make sure your website will run effectively and experience the most uptime possible. We will perform testing, make sure that the website runs effectively across many devices and then continue to develop new systems for ease-of-use.

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Content Management System Development

Part of the backend process in each of our website designs includes the development of a content management system that works for you. These platforms are designed to keep all of your data stored in secure as well is easy to access and update.

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Testing and QA

We follow a solid testing and quality assurance processes at our Mississauga website design company (Dzign Square) to ensure the quality of every project we work on. Proper testing of the website and optimized elements ensures that it can be viewed across multiple devices and that it will experience the most amount of uptime possible.

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Marketing and Optimization

Our marketing and optimization process will improve your website and provide you with a long-term marketing strategy to continue seeing visitors and new customers.

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Creating Success


With the help of the services from our Mississauga website design company we can work at establishing trust with your customers, providing you with a long-term design that will improve your sales strategy and client communication as well as a top quality functionality for your website.


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